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On July 1, 2013, Kia released the Pro_Cee'd GT; a 5-door Cee'd GT was released January 2014. The Pro_Cee'd GT is the companies first performance oriented car and the first European style "hot hatch" to come from a Korean manufacturer.[15] The GT models are a sign of Kia's growing confidence in Europe,[16] believing that they now have the style and brand recognition to deliver a truly desirable performance model in the region and for the GT to act as a halo model for the rest of the range. It is also the first Kia sold in the UK with a turbo-charged petrol engine.


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The Pro_Cee'd GT uses a variant of the Kia/Hyundai T-GDi Gamma Engine. The engine in the Pro_Cee'd GT is the same as that used in the American market Hyundai Veloster Turbo, but different gear ratios and more aggressive suspension have been used. The Torque has also been dramatically increased to 265Nm (195 lbs ft) over the normal aspirated engine; though, where the standard T-GDi engine has all of its torque available between 1750 to 4500rpm, the engine as used in the Pro_Cee'd GT has been altered slightly, having its full torque available between 1750 and 4600rpm. The engine propels the car to 60 mph in 7.4s,[17] 0.4s faster than the Veloster Turbo with the same engine.


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The suspension in the GT has been modified over the standard Pro_Cee'd, giving a far more agile and sporting ride. As too has the steering, being more responsive and engaging, though it also comes without Kia's "FlexSteer" system, meaning drivers will not be able to choose a different steering mode (of which there are three: Comfort, Normal and Sport).


The styling of the car has been well received. The lines and body panels of the standard Pro_Cee'd have remained on the GT, but a body kit has been fitted to give the car a more muscular stance. The rear bumper now includes a splitter and twin exhausts, whilst the front introduces a large air intake with red pinstripe, a gloss black grille with silver GT badge and distinctive LED "Ice Cube" daytime running lights - side skirts are also fitted. The car runs on 18" Alloy Wheels over the standard car's 17" wheels. The interior gains red accents including an overstitched GT badge on the bottom of the steering wheel, as well as Leather and Suede Recaro sports racing bucket seats and TFT instrument dial, allowing the driver to switch between an analogue speedo and digital readout with boost pressure and torque meters.


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The car has also received praise for its impressive grip, handling and real world performance, along with its low asking price despite very high levels of standard equipment and excellent interior build quality and comfort. Its ability to remain comfortable and composed when driving in normal traffic despite its sporting pretences has also been praised - TopGear UK[15] stating that it is much easier to live with in day to day situations unlike its competitors, citing the Megane 265 as an example, calling it a "Steroidal Bugger to live with" in comparison to the far more forgiving ride of the Pro_Cee'd GT. The British television show Fifth Gear (Series 23, Episode 11) compared the Pro_Cee'd GT very favourably to the Megane 265, claiming that although it lacks the outright power of the Megane, it was "still quick" and its chassis balance and control were both matching the Renault in corners. The online review Series CarThrottle also gave the Pro_Cee'd GT a very high score; praising its looks and grip, complimenting how fun it was to drive on the limit and calling it "one of the best budget all-rounders money can buy".[18]


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The Pro_Cee'd GT, however, has met with some criticisms,[16][19][20] mostly pertaining to its speed and fuel economy. Other C-Segment hot hatches, such as the Ford Focus ST and Volkswagen Golf GTI, use 2.0L petrol engines where the GT only uses a 1.6L unit, making the car a full second slower to 60 as compared to other rivals. The engine is also somewhat inefficient given its size - emitting 171g/km CO2 and only averaging 38.2mpg on the EU Combined Cycle. This is the same average fuel economy as the more powerful 2.0L engine present in the 2013 Ford Focus ST, meaning the GT may be expensive for some drivers to run if driven hard. However, the Pro_Cee'd GT starts at GBP£19,995 - making it GBP£5890 cheaper than a basic Golf GTi [21] and £2000 less than an equivalent spec Ford Focus ST 1,[22] with the Tech model being £2500 less than the equivalent Focus ST 2 (prices correct at time of writing).


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